iLink Global Recruiting Inc.


 iLink Global Recruiting Inc., a recruitment services consulting company, led and managed by one of Vancouver’s Most Trusted Recruiters, RIA INDUCIL-ABESAMIS, caters to organizations with recruitment challenges in the areas of  sales, business development, marketing, human resources, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medical device, CPG, manufacturing, as well as in the educational | academic sector.

iLink Global Recruiting Inc. partners with HR Managers and business owners who need a helping hand in recruiting for the right combination of skills and personality that fit their corporate structure.  You have come to the right place if you would like to minimize the challenge of filling niche positions and are looking to avoid high turnover.

iLink Global Recruiting Inc. also located in Surrey, BC assists job seekers looking for a change or struggling to find the right career placement that employs their passions and strengths.  Our services for Job Seekers include Resume Writing, Job Search Guidance and Interview Coaching.

You are in the right place if you are a…


Company | Employer Looking to Hire

YOU: “I am looking for an exemplary candidate to fill a position in my organization. I need this person to fit into the CULTURE, fit into the salary BUDGET and fit into the ROLE by offering a seamless transition.

job seekers

Job Seeker

YOU: “I am looking for the right opportunity to utilize my favorite skills and talents so that I can enjoy an amazing long term CAREER I feel good about. ” OR  YOU: “I am looking to develop / improve my resume. I need interview coaching and help with my job search.”


SPLIT Recruiter | Recruiter Looking to Fill Positions

YOU: “I am a Recruiter and I could use some help with my current mandates. I can also help fill positions that are presenting you with challenges. I want a beneficial partnership.”

About iLink Global Recruiting Inc.

iLink Global Recruiting Inc. works in partnership with local and international organizations facing recruitment challenges in a variety of industries.

With more than a decade’s exposure to recruitment, training and management, we are committed to helping our clients fill their open positions by using unconventional sourcing methods and customized recruitment processes, all while charging reasonable placement fees that come with a replacement guarantee.

It is our commitment to excellence that allows us to help drive your success.
If you have challenges filling specific positions, we are always here to help.